ESB to ROTJ ammo-belt conversion...


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well... conversion...

here's my old one...
yes... you see it well... it's a Jango belt... bought it from someone in Australia, don't know anything else, was done through ebay.

jango belt 1.JPG

jango belt 2.JPG
And with TK-409's page I got to this...
so you know the drill. They're very rough, tommorow I'll sand them heavily.

unsanded ROTJ belt block.JPG

unsanded ROTJ belt blocks.JPG
ow look at what I found!! I love the way this looks!! some sort of vinyl or something, I'm not sure, 11.50 euros per square meter!!!

I really like this stuff, considerin it looks so much better then what I had... gosh I payed 90 euros for that sucker... :(


material close-up.JPG
here's an annoying job to do... the straps... but it's done, tonight I'll sew them together and turn em inside out...

annoying straps.JPG

annoying straps 2.JPG
well the pouches are finished now, with some sewing and glueing... I'm surprised by how well they actually turned out.. :p

the colour is actually like ou see it the pic with all 8 pouches, but the camera flash brightens it up real bad in some of the others pics.

straps sewed.JPG

belt pouch glued.JPG

belt pouches glued.JPG
well I'm almost done, as the material is a little strechy I'm going to put a regular leather belt in the back of the thing so that will actually hold the pouches, and the vinyl belt is just for making it look right.

also need to add the rings.

the pics aren't to great but when the full costume is converted you can see everything.

finished front.JPG

finished back.JPG
Your conversion came out great. (y) 10x improvement over that Jango belt. Keep up the great work, I love following your progress. (y)

:D thnx man! that means alot to me!!!

here are some better pics taken outside with the side pouches attached and all.
I slid a leather belt through the back and nailed them to the 8 pouches, it's now quit sturdy and possibly more durable, staying in it's form liek this.

you do see the belt closure a bit under the back side, but I don't really care, I really think this one came out quit well :) thnx to TK-409!!!

all done front.JPG

all done front 2.JPG

all done front 3.JPG

all done back.JPG

all done back 2.JPG

all done back 3.JPG

all done back 4.JPG

all done wearing front.JPG

all done wearing back.JPG

all done wearing left.JPG

all done wearing right.JPG
yeah it's a bit to clean, but I'm not 100% sure how to do that yet, want to think it over a little... maybe sanding bits off and paint sprays or soemthing...

thnx for the compliment!!! :D
R_boba_fett said:
yeah it's a bit to clean, but I'm not 100% sure how to do that yet, want to think it over a little... maybe sanding bits off and paint sprays or soemthing...

I would TEST out the weathering on a some scrape pieces first.....
Again, Nice.(y)
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yeah thats a good idea, I got plenty of stuff left so that should be easily done.

stay tuned for progress:)

wanna study the belt a bit more to get an accurate weathering scheme.
yes,those are 'old' style jango's made by me,great job you have done there,but,now make them all's the trick................
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