ESB sidearm


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well i just got this in the mail today. found it on ebay :) im plan on doing a mod to this bad boy and make a ESB sidearm out of this. i'll post progress and pics, but it may take me a while.... time is always my problem.

this will be added to the "REAL" nemrod holster i got a hold of. (thanks! - you know who you are) :)



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thanks bro!!

resin copies?? not to sure where that falls in with the rules if i make the gun out of this thing. mods??? thumbs up or down on that?



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Actually, for copy a blaster done with your work (though you use original pieces) should not be punished. :facepalm

Then the persons who have done the original blasters would be in the jail.:lol: :lol: :lol:

Returning to the topic, you do a great work. I expect to see progresses soon. ;)