ESB Screen Capture Stencils


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I spent this afternoon collecting the screen captures that I used as stencils for painting my BKBT helmet and thought I would post them here for anyone wanting to paint their own ESB helmet. Mind you, this is not all of the scratches and dings on the helmet, just the larger more signature marks. Also, this is not necessarily an easier method for painting a helmet as it requires you to print off the templates, trace them with a pencil, cut them out, and then use them to trace directly onto the helmet. I, however, found them immensely helpful for maintaining consistent size and spacing of the scratches. Some of the captures have had their colors inverted to the 'negative' to make for clearer printing (at least it helped me since my printer ran out of color ink and I had to resort to using b/w images). They should be sized pretty close for using on an MS or BM bucket. Those wanting to use them on a DP bucket might want to reduce their size by about 15 to 20 percent. This can easily be done using Windows 'paint'.





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Thats right along the lines of what I did for mine! Rogue Studios suggested it to me and I went from there.
Once I get done my helmet I'll probably be posting my stencils, but I essentially did what you did, but did a lot of tweaking with levels and made them 2-toned and ready to cut out and trace on. Here's an example using the Dent:
dent_sized.jpg dent_sized.gif
It's not perfect becuse of the photo angle and the curve, but it gives you a very good start. The key is to look at photos from different angles to ensure it matches up. I completely agree, it does take time to cut and trace them out, but it makes all the difference in the world with getting the spacing and size right.

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Very nice. Question: Have any of you guys sneeked in a island or continent while painting all your scratches and chips?


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In nearly every peice I have painted I have included my initals somewhere as a scratch. That way if anyone I paint things for sells it and I see it later I can be like hey, I painted that see right here are my initals. Most of them I do on a part of the prop that doesn't have really good referance pics, so no one can complain that it isn't uber accurate.Though I have told every one that I did it to and exctally where.