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I made a discovery about the ESB gauntlet hose connection. I don't have any screen shots to prove it at the moment, or any pictures or diagrams, but I will make them soon. Please don't criticize me if this has been discovered before, because I have searched for it and found nothing.

But I think that the ESB hose on the right gauntlet has a little inner black hose inside the transparent sink hose, and the little black hose goes inside the gauntlet, (like where the dowel would go on the ROTJ version). And the sink hose simply "hangs off" of it. I know this discription is very sketchy, but I will provide a screen shot when I get home. But, I have a picture of my hose right now, so I'll show you what I mean.

If you want to see the seen right now, put in your Empire Strikes Back DVD, fast forward to the part where the Falcon deatatches from the star destroyer and floats away with the garbage, and freeze to the VERY FIRST frame that it shows Boba in the cockpit. It is very important that you freeze to the VERY FIRST FRAME you see Boba in the cockpit. Look at his right arm, and zoom into the part where the hose connects with his gauntlet. I'll put pics up soon, but you do this for now lol.

This photo shows me inserting the black hose in to the sink hose

This photo just shows what it looks like done, (I will get some screen shots to back me up)


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I think I may know what you are talking about. However I am not sure if this has already been known. I know the black inside the tube isn't a new discovery, but perhaps the 'ball and joint' like connection is? Your description of it 'hangs off' I think that is what you are refering too. It looks like a good idea so that you can have some play on your gaunlet and not have to worry about it pulling when you move your arm.

Here i a picture from TDH reference CD

and here is a shot that I captured off of my movie. I PS it a bit so we can see it clearer.
The black "tube" is also on the white suit. I believe it is hanging out of the gauntlet like that because it has wires to the gauntlet switches, which activate certain functions of the jet pack. Or at least that is what the white prepro suit pics would seem to suggest.
well wadda ya know...

that's EXACTLY what my hoses look like...

the barbed hose is pulled over another black rubber wire...

I just did that because I thought it looked cooler then the regular transparent look....

cool!!! :D
I didn't really know that it was discovered...I was looking for a way to connect my hose to my gaunt, and ran across that frame. ( I was watching ESB frame by frame), (at least the parts with Fett).;)
Good eye Cookie. Having a flexible connection sounds like a good idea. I've seen those pictures of costumes with the guy's arm back and the hoses are stressing at the upper arm.
I bought a butt-load of tubing and dowels and stuff. So I will be eventually selling hoses all assembled, if there is enough interest. I am also making an ROTJ version for a friend. I will also sell the ROTJ set (hoses and connectors only, not the entire gauntlets).
My little discovery!!!

Hey Cookie,

i hope you dont mind me well kinda hijacking this post but i didnt want to start another thread plus it is relevent to your finding.

Well guys i got this idea and tried it out tonight and it works perfectly. It follows cookie's method of a black insert in the hose but also solves the problem of how to attach the hose on to the gauntlet.

Well i was working in the shed tonight spraying the gauntlets and "bang!' the hose on the airbrush let loose. To my surprise i looked at the hose fitting and the hose its self no probs there. But 2 days ago i had an airbrush die and hose let loose on me. So i put the 2 together and well heres the end result a perfect insert hose and a perfect way of attaching the hose to the gaunt!!!

Heres some pics i hope this helps and to tell you the truth they look very similar to the movie pics and allows "play" in both hoses! This is the way im going!!

So to sum it up:

Colour used on gauntlets: Folkart Mystery green.

I used an airbrush hose and airbrush male and female connectors. I also used 1/2 inch braided kitchen hose.

I hope this helps!!




Any questions just drop us a PM
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Boba Al,
That is a great idea! I've been using one of my guitar cables on the inside of my braided hose. Im not even sure what size hose is accurate. I still also havn't found a way to connect it to the gaunt. I WAS going to simply just drill a hole in the resin part, and super-glue the guitar cable inside the hole, but that would make it too perminant. I like your idea.

If we can somehow combine our ideas, that'd be great....Check this out. How about, we drill a hole in the resin piece, place the connector INSIDE the hole, glue it in, and then screw the black hose in there. I know this is hard to visualize, so I'll draw a picture tomorrow. Just try to imagine YOUR connector, but inside the resin piece 1 inch deep, so you don't see it on the outside.

Fantastic idea using guitar cables!!! Well i did forget to mention that i did drill a hole in the resin piece for the male connector to go into i drilled it so the piece would screw in and added some Lock bond 401 for it to secure! Just as you mentioned!!

Thanks for the idea about the guitar cables going to look through my Bros band guitar cases hehehe:eek:


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What is the size of the ESB hose?
I'm working on a 2-1B head and I believe they used the same hose on him as well. I checked 3 hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot, ACE) with no luck.
The 2-1B hose has an outer diameter of 3/8".
The smallest I found was 1/2" OD. I started looking online but so far all sources I found for the correct size clear PVC reinforced tubing were all located in the UK.

So does ESB Fett use 3/8" OD hose as well?
If so where did you find it? (hopefully in the US)
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