ESB Helmet question ?

Hello peoples

Underneath some of the scratches (especially on the back) theres a sort dark yellow/light green ? showing underneath, anyone know what colour this be ? as I am ready to start the painting of the colours :)


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check out the sticky thread at the top of this section...any helmet painting questions, including the exact colors used on the original are in that thread. I'm going to be starting to paint mine soon too.
Thats the first place I looked :) doesn't seem to be on there.
I think it is some sort of yellow but cannot be certain as my eyesight doesn't seem to like the colour much :facepalm


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It's sort of a sandy beige. I've seen some paint-ups that use a yellowish shade that is waaaay too dark. And you're right, RS never identified this color in his list. I've painted 2 ESB helmets, and have just eyeballed it both times.

Remember if you're going to weather the helmet once it's painted, your colors will darken up slightly.
Thanks Superjedi thats helps a lot (y)
I should be able to find a suitablr colour tommorow. will be weathering with my trusty spray bottle and black/grey acrylic wash mixtures so I'll take that into account when eyeballing colours (y)



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I believe AFFO$ uses something in a spray can that looks real good, tan khaki or something. I used Panzer Dark Yellow on mine, same as rangefinder ear, and I think it looks pretty good too