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Well I'm finally done to the point where I'm happy and can quit messing around with details. Everytime I do one of these babies I swear I'll never do it again... then of course I have to try to better myself. Its not Fett Pride good but I'm content and infact the helmet and it's colours look much better in real life then in the pics. Oh yeah and check out the interior boys and girls;)










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Great work as always, hard to believe you're cranking it out so fast!
I can't really tell from the photos, but what is it about the earpieces that is different then usual?
The Rf earcap was remade with a more proportional triangle shaped bottom, hard to tell from the pic I used. Also I have used a three piece earcap design that is bolted to the helmet. The outer earcap section uses countersunk magnets for accessability. The left side earcap has been reshaped and lengthend.
You make me drool with every helmet you paint man!
I still owe you for the suprise in my luggage!
But if you were to send me a fully painted ESB helmet I might forget about it!
WoW! MARROW SUN that is one sweet looking helmet! Excellent work as always. Can't wait to see the final pics.
Looks fantastic man!!! I don't envy you doing an ESB paintjob;) Those things are killer on ones patience,but sooo worth it in the long run.

Very nice job!!!
I have a question for you..... How do you paint on the tiny little thin scratches ? I have tried a needle and they came out so-so. Yours are awesome!! :love Any help would be great.
Some of the scratches are applied with a liner brush but most are scratched in with a needle. Scratch lightly to bring out the silver paint or scratch hard to get down to the base color.
WOW :eek:

Hmmm. I don't see any room left on your shelf . You might have to give that helmet to me. ;) :lol: JK.

Looks great. :cheers
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So with the ear caps, in a word...why? I'm sitting here studying my own M_S1 (still in kit form), the earcaps, and all my reference material. I can understand your desire for a three-piece right ear, but what's up with the reshaping and lengthening? Maybe I'm not seein' it, but it looks darn close to me, both in the pics and right in my hands. I've even broken out a ruler and I'm stumped.

...looks great! Raising the bar again, huh? (y)
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