ESB helmet came to life!!


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You rock Rogue Studios!!!

Just a little tease to show off Lee's work.

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Thanks man. The circle is now complete. My child hood dream has come to pass. And yes this is my new project for C3. I have mostly everthing, I just need to paint it and put it together.
Every time I see a RS painted helmet, I become insanely jealous. :D Very nice bucket.

Which model helmet do you have? (MH, M_S, MSH2 ...)

jeezycreezy wrote:

That rocks you lucky b------d. But a helmet like that just screams for an aluminum stalk. :)

That's a MSH2 alright.


thanks man! you have one? :p

Also this helmet is the MSH2
Scrumtulesent!!! Looks fantastic!!! RS shure knows how to turn out a great bucket. Might want to paint that little square on the bottom of the RF black;) Can't wait to see how your suit turns out!!!
I bet your even going to build a cloud city hallway to stand in front of and look exact to the pictures!!
Jango's kid!! you busted me!! waaaaa! LOL. I was looking at that photo last night and had a heart attack I couldn't believe I forgot to paint that. Turo was cool about it and I appreciate that. I also left off a few details to allow natural dings and dents on it's own. The mands also darken after you handle it over time mmmmm finger grease.

Take Care and thanks for the positive support!

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