ESB Helmet - almost done!!!


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I thinks it's about time I posted some pics of my suit (version 3), we all like a little eye candy. This helmet started life as a Marrow_Sun (an excellent helmet) with quite a few mods. A slight re-shape on the cheeks, an extra layer of fibreglass, re-shaped keyholes and earcaps, larger and re-angled RF housing (I found that the RF stalk tends to angle away from the helmet when looking from the front on Marrow_Sun and Mystery helmets).

All the paintwork is done in layers and peeled off (not silver painted on later). Smaller scratches were painted on using a fine brush. I decided to dremel the scratches into the helmet to give it more realism, I think it looks pretty good compared to just painting the scratched on, what do you think?

There are still the earcaps to paint and a little more weathering on the outside, once that's done then I will apply a layer of matt sealant which will darken the paint job very slightly to the correct colour. All the colours were mixed to match the reference pictures from Brak's Buddy's brilliant website (couldn't have done it without you!!). This is probably the best helmet I've painted so far... but probably not the last!!!!

To finish the job I have an aluminium RF stalk and servo (which I will connect to the 2 buttons on the gauntlet, one for up, one for down), green screen for the rangefinder (it will have a green glowing LED behind it), a dark green visor, hard hat liner and a microchip that goes behind the keyholes all ready to fit.

I will post more pics when it's progressed more. All comments will be glady welcome.

Here goes !!!!




Does anyone know what colour the two small triangles should be on the front brow????? Sometimes they look Green other times Grey?
Actually, the forehead triangles on the Empire helmet aren't really painted. Aside from the base green, there just seems to be some residiual "yellow/goldish" color in them.
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