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Hello all,

I am going to preface this post with the usual "I am sure this has been discussed several times" BUT, I tried searching this and couldn't really find anything.


It seems to be the consensus that the ESB flight suit and neck seal are one garment with the neck seal stitched to the flight suit. This info comes from the dressing images of the Supertrooper variant. I assume this flight suit (or one of these flight suits) was dyed to be used as the ESB blue/grey suit. Does this mean that the neck seal was removed before dying or could one speculate that the material used for the neck seal (and subsequently flak vest) is a synthetic that did not take dye as well as the cotton body of the flight suit?

I plan to work on a flight suit in the near future and strive for absolute accuracy with these projects. I would like to create this flight suit in the same way as the original...a bit crazy I know, but its the way my I do these build.

Thanks beforehand for any insight!
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the whole suit was put in a dye bath. The neck was not removed. That's what I think. The neck has a slight gray-blue tinge to it, which would be consistent with being in a blue dye bath, since its a material that does not take dye very well compared with the rest of the suit. It is not as white as the Supertrooper neck, so it's color in ESB would not be consistent with the idea it was removed and kept pristine white.