ESB Fett- No spats??

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I've been starting to give a good stare at some of the other ESB components, and I just wanted to see if anyone had a pic that shows ESB Fett with spats. I've poured through all my photos, and I unless I am reading them incorrectly, there are no spats in ESB.

Can anyone confirm/ deny? If this is old news, just move along. :)
if TYLER himself cannot find a picture of an esb with spats, I'm willing to bet that there are none. Your library seems inexhaustible!

Some of my better full shots also show no spats...

If it's not old news, I'm surprised no one ever noticed...

By "spats", are you referring to the ankle covers? If so, it looks like he has them in this promo picture:
Well the ankle covers that cover the boot a bit and snap behind the ankle closure on the jumpsuit is what I mean by the spat...

And yes I did see that photo and thought at a quick glance that is was misplaced or backwards (upside down knee pad photo, remember ;) but check out a closer a look at that same spats:





Compare that to the ROTJ spats:

Could it be the spat was on the inside of the jumpsuit or maybe there is only one spat? I don't know, but I haven't see an ROTJ style spat on any of my photos...The more I see the pics, I am not sure if it is on backwards or if I am confusing it with the jumpsuit ankle closure strap.
It looks to me that is is backwards on his right ankle and cocked sideways on his left. I know that mine have a tendency to twist and turn after I walk around in them. I somewhat remedied that by safety pinning them to my jumpsuit.
Actually, they may have been forgotton, the jumpsuit has straps on the bottom of the ankles, In the Chronicles book, in the pic of the layout of the costume you can see the straps hanging down. I'm not sure if they were held together with velcro or laced through a "D" ring of some sort.
Man,just when you think you know it all about the ESB suit,...some more progress is made.Good eye,....and I've got a full size poster of that shot,and never noticed it.The only thing that might be going on with the spats in ESB is they are on to cover the back of the boot,but my guess by looking closely at my ESB shots is that there are none.

At least we don't have to go through the expense of making them now. Or you can sell yours to an ROTJ Fett if you already have them. -Mark
Thought I would add one more photo:


In the previous pics (top pic), it does appear that maybe the spat could be reversed. However, the strange thing is that there is clearly no spat in this photo. And I haven't seen the same problem in any ROTJ photos...Unless they figured out when ROTJ came around how to keep them on properly...;)
To me that pic looks like just the strap around the ankle is looped around the bottom and closed, it looks like it may be set a little high with about 2in of the pant leg pulled out the bottom. It dosen't look like there is any spat there, backward or otherwise.
I came across this picture on the reference page. It looks like boba isnt wearing an spats (this is already known, that Boba didnt wear spats in ESB, only in publicity photos.) However, it appears that there is a small strap of fabric going around the ankle. You can tell by way the pant leg on the left leg "poofs" out then goes tight, then "poofs" out. It also looks as if there is a piece of fabric wrapping around it.

Is this old news? If it then may this post be deleted and never spoken of agian.

ESB spats.jpg

::Edit:: removed the blanked out areas of picture
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o its nothing new?

If its of no importance then i guess it should be deleted.

BTW...that display kicked arse!!!
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It's a velcro closure on the bottom of the pant leg that tightens the pant leg bottoms around your ankle. It is part of the jumpsuit, and you see it pretty well in its "open" state in the picture of the suit parts laid on the floor in Chronicles.
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