ESB Fett Finished?


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Here are the completed pics.

I'm for the most part finished.

All I need to do id the LED display and I have a great blaster coming in from TK-500.

Eventually I may do a new lighter jet pack. But for time being this will be it.

Now to join the 501st.



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:) well done! was about to mention the scope on the gun, when i saw ur comment that ur getting a new gun all together.

looks great

TK-409 cape? thats the one i have... looks like one

:cheers nice suit!


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i ordered TK-409's neck seal aswell, should be gettin it this week.

also ordered boba makers knee pads.

but i also made an ESB Fett, wich is almost done.

but as i was checkin forums on TDH... i found a thread, dont know wich one, wich showed that Fett doesn't have spats in ESB, not in publicity shots and not in movie stills, the blue thingies are actually his jumpsuit curved around his boot.

The same thread showed the 2 pockets on teh belt are actually both left side pockets (cant see it on ur pic, but i think you got that right)

personally i like spats above none spats, but my mom had an excellent idea on how to close the jumpsuit around the boot with a strip that goes all the way around the pant with some velcro on it that closes on the back, an elastique strip underneath my heal keeps the suit in place.

i got a pic i smalled down but zoomed the important pieces out showing the left side pockets and no-strap jumpsuit. (again this is not my discovery, anyone knows who did?? thnx)

and a pic of my prototyp fett in a dark enviroment, with the wrong formed and coloured junmpsuit, I'm actually a bit further now, ill make new post when i got my TK-409 neck seal and Bobamaker knees. (and plus the jumpsuit that has spats and is jeans blue, my new jumpsuit is navy blue and has no spats, plus teh sleeves are longer, gloves are attached to the suit so they keep in place nice and tight)

(i also want to replace my own made armor some day...have to start doin some real bounty huntin first..if ya know what i mean $$$$$)

proto total.jpg

no spats.jpg