ESB Blue Albino LED Chest Lights


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This is a set of a Albino ESB Fett Chest Lights. We were able to abtain some blue LEDs and made up ONE set of lights for fun.

Just thought I would share.

Something alittle different.


Thanks, I thought you custom-ers would get a kick out of it. Certainly something to go in those all white Ralph Mc. suites.

Thats pretty impressive, I have never seen blue digits before.
Looks like 1 transistor, 1 timer probably 555 and maybe a 1-10 counter (decade).

Its a nice uncomplicated clean design, care to share the diagrams and layout?
I am not planning on selling these lights as they are just too involved and costly. But who knows.

The design of the board is actually more complex on the other side. The Blue digit LEDs were from two different makers so one set is brighter than the others and wired differently as well.

So we tried to make the LEDs about the same in brightness and wire each one up different than the other... so yeah.

At the moment I do not have a diagram for this design.
Any chance of a pic of the complicated side and maybe some chip numbers?
I have designed my own (in red as they are easier to get), mine is very simple but its only the digits, I never got around to using a decade counter for the other 5 LEDs.
I used a flashing LED to pulse the extra lights on the digits instead of flip flopping a 555 timer.
Holy cr*p! I just was admiring TK409s chest display!!!! Now I am torn. I may have to buy this one (and TK, I will buy your pouch and cape we discussed)....Oh where is the money I will need????? PM me the price please!
That would fit the albino theme, red lights would be to bold. As for money, you can run into the forest and kill rabbits and such and sell the hides, wait no that is a video game, nevermind. You know its just dumb enough to work though!
Thanks for all the complements.

The blue lights are (in my opionion) the way to go for all you white commandos. Red is too overbearing and would not look right in the scheme of things. For me, the lights are just too cool to give up.

But I might. I do not think I will have another set made in blue (least not anytime soon).
At the moment I cannot find a "cheep" source for the blue lights. If anyone knows a good place, let me know
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