ESB Belt

spicy fett

Hey so I just bought a cheap girth belt off amazon (about all I could afford after buying a lot of parts this week) and it’s made of acrylic fiber I was wondering what I could use to stain it to get that ESB look. I have a lot of wood stains but I’m not sure if that would work I’m open for any suggestions! Sorry I’ve been asking so many questions lately just trying to make the best suit I can for my budget!


Hi I’m Bobert!
I believe I read that the acrylic fiber doesn't take well to the wood stain but I thought using an airbrush and painting it worked well for that user. I would hit up the search function.

How much was the girth belt?

spicy fett

The belt was 25 I believe on amazon so I’m not out any money but I would definitely like to only buy one belt lol so I’m really hoping I can’t get it stained or painted so fingers crossed


Jr Hunter
I have the ovation girth belt off amazon- I used Barn Red stain (with a smidge of black stain mixed in) from Home Depot. It took the color nicely HOWEVER when it dried, it dried stiff. Not a big deal and will work just fine but know that it will be stiff. Also make sure you go larger enough so you have that 3-4 inches in the back OVER your cod and back piece.