??? ESB Armor Color ???


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The only definitive ESB colors i have found are for the bucket, so i decided to just wing it on the armor. I used a chrome base, with a testors zinc oxide over that, used liquid mask on both colors, then i sprayed with 2 coats of rustoleum spruce green followed by 2 coats of testors medium green. Then i misted with some acrylic black and peeled the latex off.

And here is what i have so far, the chest pieces arent done yet. Your feedback on the colors are most welcome and helpful

I'm convinced that all the ESB armor has a base of the Panzer Olive Green and was weathered from there to give it darker or lighter end results as seen in promo. pics or screen caps. Yours is definitely looking nice with spray can colors. I'd consider a bit more weathering :D
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