ESB ankle straps

Jango Fett Jr

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All the images in the old threads are long dead, so could anyone post a photo of how they made their ESB jumpsuit ankle straps? There was a photo of the Marmit figure that showed this, but I can't find it.

Thanks in advance!


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I got one recently that had them built into the jumpsuit sort of. For some pics look up Ruffkintoy's esb suit thread as that's the same suit I got.


Jango Fett Jr

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Thanks, but I was looking for specifically how they attach and where the velcro is. I'm sure someone has a photo of their own or from the Marmit. I could only find this photo, but it doens't totally answer my question.

Mr Fett

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Based on that picture, they probably are long enough to overlap a bit as they wrap around the ankle over the pant leg. They most likely would have velcro sewn near each straps end, and would just vecro on top of each other.

Jangos kid

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Yeah, thats how I did mine too. My first set overlapped on the inside of the pantleg, but they kept coming loose as I walked. My new ones overlap on the outside of the pantleg & works great. I'll try to get some pics up for you JFjr, but my camera is kinda giving me trouble lately.:)


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I had one piece of the velcro attached to the end of the trouser it self on the right side, and the other on an extra strap attachedto the left (at the seems), then the strap would go around the back to close them up...

Dunno if that helps ya...

my straps.jpg