Ebay has Mandalorian armor


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I found a group of auctions that have a set of armor kits for Jango or Boba made of sintra. They are really cheap in my eyes. Are these things worth it? what is sintra? Newbie so not sure I have heard of it but do not know. Would be a good base kit to start the armor off of or should I go for something different?



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Oh Yeah go to Ebay type in Mandalorian in search it will pull up about a dozen of the sets.

here is link to one


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Those are made by a board member. Questions about sintra can be answered by using the Search option;)

Jodo Kast 2749

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Those are my sets. I don't charge a whole lot because I want Fett to be accessible to everyone. The $$$ from the auctions helps to pay for my own custom mandalorian.

Sintra is a strong, flexible yet light plastic which is easy to mold with heat. Excuse me for being a salesman but I think my sets are just as good as any you'll find; out of Sintra anyway.

PM me if you want references.

p.s. Hey MGR, thanks for recognizing them.


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BTW, "Sintra" is the brand name of a PVC combustible thermoplastic resin, which is pressed into sheets. Think of it as basically PVC in "sheet form".

I made all of my own armor, including gauntlets, out of Sintra (2mm and 3mm). Yeah, it took me 900+ hours (spread over about 7 months). Still, I did it!!! :D

Never had a problem with Sintra, and something I've noticed is, it seems to "give" a bit better than other plastics, and doesn't seem quite so prone to breaking/snapping. It bends instead of snapping. It WILL snap, but not as quickly as more "brittle" plastics, if that makes any sense. :)