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Does anyone know a reliable and non-destructive way to pry off the RF earpiece from a DP 97? I'm starting a re-paint, and I'd like to replace the stalk and paint the piece separately. It appears to just be gued on, but I wondered if anyone has some insight.


I had to pry mine off my DP '96, and it came off fairly clean. What I did was I took a razor blade and separated it as much as I could with that, and then just popped off the rest. If you get most of the outer glue, you should be able to pop the rest of it off with no problem.
I was fortunate enough to get a 96 Rubies, but I think they aren't that different. Mine has what looks like plastic rivits holding the RF ear on. I think when I go to kill mine, I'll probably use a small drill to get rid of the rivit "shelf". :wacko
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