Ear Piece Decals


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Who makes good ear piece decals? Anybody,let me know some info on this subject. I've seen someone selling on e-bay as a kit ,but I just need the decals.
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welsh hunter

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Theres a guy in the UK who might be making a run of ESB helmet decals soon. He already makes a variety of stormtrooper helmet decals and I've heard they're of great quality. Keep an eye out for an update on his website http://www.trooperdecals.com or you can PM him as he's a member here (search for cannockwolf).

Beskar kad

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I just need the measurments for the decals so I can make my own I got a real good guy here in fresno who does em real cheap. I am a newbie to this board but I have been painting these helmets for awhile now. example


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Try TK-409's site. I think he has images of what they look like. I also recall that in the templates thread there was a template of the left ear piece that showed the white mark and the black "E"'s on them. Maybe photoshop that and make it a decal?

Just ideas... hope they help.


i picked mine up on ebay a couple weeks ago for $6 shipped. they were a little big for my '96 dp so i had to do some trimming but for the price, they'll do for now. the seller is thelionstooth.