ear caps for custom bucket

Hey gang,
Newbie here to the board but not to the lore. I was pointed in this direction by a well-known West Coast member < all names are non-disclosed for the safety and well-being of those involved ;) > HINT: This person has one of the finest Fett costumes to date.

I am creating a custom outfit that models the white McQuarrie proto-Fett look. I have much of it completed but I am wondering if anyone has ideas for the ear pieces to the helmet. I do have the range finder and stem. I will do the standard Boba/Jango style helmet look but am coming up short with the ear pieces that look good and work well. I am not opposed to custom made "non-license-infringement" resin pieces if there are any out there to be traded. I read the helmet etiquette bi-laws of this site and hope this comes through without question.

Please feel free to hit me with comment and/or answers off the board as well.

Thanks so much and props and kudos to all the great costumes and advice out there. It has and will be very enlightening.



Hey judz dwedd,
Costume looks sweet. Do you have other pics posted? Would love to see some. Will not copy - promise. ;)

I would really dig picking up some earpieces.
What do you suggest?

Definitely appreciate this.


Hey judz dwedd,
I sent a msg to your pm (email) listed on your profile.
Is that the right way to contact you?

If not, my bad... where should I send?

Many Kudos!!!


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