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I know this has been covered a million times before, so except my apologies for bringing this up again (just can't find the correct issues with the search function).

If i buy a cotton/poly blend white jumpsuit, can i dye it? and if so what dyes do i need (ie special types).

once again sorry to ask this about this.
You can dye pretty much any material, some are more of a pain than others... some dont take to the dye as well or come out lighter than planned, but they will all dye.

Cotton usually dyes the easiest.
I Had an airforce bomber flghtsuit that would not dye.

I must have dyed it 5 times with the strongest bleach I could find, it didnt even faze it.
Well the good news is my local fabric store has told me that 65/35 poly blend can be dyed (although i will get some fade). As i need a pale blue/grey jump suit this should work out ideal.

I will keep you all up to date on how this pans out (fingers crossed).

I would buy a pre-made one but i want all my stuff to be scratch built so i can say "I made that". and at approx $25 for a complate jump suit it seems to make sense as well :)

PS - i am definately not knocking the pre-made jumpsuits as they are far better quality than i could ever hope to achieve. (y)
siberianhole said:
I have a line on 12 white jumpsuits size large for under $10. However, they are used, and they are 100% polyester. Should I pass?

There´s no chance to colorize Polyester instead of airbrushing ;)...

Only natural materials like cotton are possible to change the color.
Well i bought the 65% poly/ 35% cotton white boiler suits and dyed them using Dylon dyes and here is the result. I think once i have weathered it i will have a near spot on flight suit. I am HAPPY :D

DonnieDarko688 said:
The color looks about right, you are just missing the shin tool pockets at the bottom of the legs.

Yep, just that last bit to do. I am waiting to get some tool templates so i can create the pockets to fit the tools.

BTW do the thigh pockets look too low?
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