Dremel recommendations ? and bit recommendations

Use eye protection....Trust me. :) I recommend the straight-up Dremel brand. I have two of them and they are great! :) Those little fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels are the shiz-nit!
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Get the "Dremel" brand name.I have been through 2 craftsman style dremels.Dont buy the cordless type and make sure you buy the variable speed model.Good luck!
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Yea, listen to J-B. I have a Dremel brand with a Flex-Shaft and it is like working with a pencil. You can get into real tight corners and be very acurate with it. You really get alot more control with the flex-shaft.
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Ok looked at the Dremel brand and bought the $79 one at home depot which included the flex shaft. Any other key dremel bits that I should have? Product numbers would be great!
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Fiberglass reinforced cutting wheels (get lots) and sanding drums (get lots). I also got a nifty attachment that turns the dremel into a mini-skill saw. very handy and the blade is metal so it doesn't wear out like the cutting wheels.

Brak's Buddy wrote:

I also got a nifty attachment that turns the dremel into a mini-skill saw.

Where did you get it? I used to have, still do actually it is quite worn out, have a mini saw blade that is 12-15+ years old for my Dremal.

They have been outlawed now and are pretty much illeagle to get, atleast up here anyway, and you can't get them.
The hobby shops here won't touch them.

I used to see them all over the place, in different sizes even, up until about 6-7 years ago. Then they all of a sudden stopped being around and I never saw them again.

They have been daubbed "The Blade of Death"
I hold my breath everytime I use the darn thing now. :lol:
Go with a Dremel with a cord. They rule.

BUT, like someone earlier said, wear eye protection! A few days ago I was cutting Styrene without any and a molten hot piece flew into the corner of the eye and it burned like hell. Not smart..
Safety glasses are OK, I prefer to use goggles. I've got a pair of UVEX safety goggles, keeps everything out of your eyes especially that pesky dust, which glasses can't do.
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