DP '96 WIP


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Hey all,
This is the first helmet I've gotten, and I'm currently working on modding it, with a complete repaint and everything. I've dremeled out the visor and the slots at the back. Right now, I'm waiting for the paint to dry. Here is a picture of it before I painted it, and I'll post another one later after it's dried.

Here it is after I painted it. The green wasn't quite the color i was expecting, but I think it will work after some weathering and such. I also need to add some touch up painting here and there, but so far, I think it is coming along fairly well.


Lookin really good. I had the same thought about the green on my helmet, but after I added the silver and "dirt" it looked great.

Good luck with the rest of it.
Forced Trekker said:
I have a DP 96. They rock! Looks good so far. Which Fett are you doing?

Thanks, I appreciate the compliments. I'm thinking I'll go ROTJ version. I bought some chrome paint and some white paint last night, and hopefully I'll have some time to work on it this coming Friday night (no date, so I have to do something with my time. It'll depend on what my friends want to do though)
Here's the progress. Not 100% accurate, but I'm not patient enough (nor do I have the skills needed) to get it that way. My next task is to install the visor and some mesh under the left ear. Any thoughts on installing the visor? I tried epoxy, but it didn't like the vinyl or the plastic, and i've tried hot glue, but that didn't work either. I'd like to have it permanently attatched, and flush, if possible, so I'm not sure what I'll do. Anyway, let me know what you think.


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