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I have read several times that one of the key differences between the 95's and all the others was that the 95 had a recessed visor.

Can one of you helmet experts confirm once and for all if the recessed visor was only found on the DP 95 or was it also found on some of the 96's?

Here's two pics for reference:
First what I believe to be a 95

Next, what i believe to be a 96

What sayest thou experts of the bucket?
Pictures can be deceiving. If the inside of it is white, then it is definately a 95 (unless they painted it white themselves). If it is green, then it could be a 95, 96, or 97. The only way to know for sure is to look at the date stamped on the back of the helmet. Don't trust what the box it is in says.
Assuming both of the helmets in your pics are straight out of the box, without any modification, notice how different the weathering/damage is too. Can anyone chime in and identify these helmets by their distinct weathering/damage markings?

Joren Fett
I have both a 95 with the white interior & a 96. The first pic definitely looks like my 95 & the second pic looks like my 96. One other thing of note: my 96 has the same outward curve on the left cheek & the same warps in the brow as my 95. The detail is not as crisp on the 96 & the surface is somewhat rough & almost pitted. I believe that the same mold was used for these or at leaast the 95 helmet was used to make a new mold for the 96. Just my own conspiracy theory. :)
I would have to say 96. My 95 has a little more flare to it than that one and the front goes forward more.

Appolo_50 wrote:

I would have to say 96. My 95 has a little more flare to it than that one and the front goes forward more.

Nonsense. Helmets can flatten and warp over time if they are sitting on their side or whatever. It is undoubtedly a 95. I own a 95 that looks just like it, same scratch marks, same paint job, same recessed visor.

Edit: I assume we are talking about the helmet in the first picture.
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