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Helmet from Wasted is $295. A "perfect" paint up is going to run you after the cost of the helmet towards $1100-1200. Now you're talking a servo kit, LED kit in the range finder.Plus a metal borden, real mq-1, real polaroid lense, plus metal ears....

You can have an accurate helmet to pass the standard CRL for around $1,000 but you're asking perfect.

I would also be completely suspect of someone who needs to out source their painting to keeping an accurate ESB build to around $2,000.


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If you paint it yourself you reduce costs, of course. BUT the years and practice a few painters have put into perfecting their skills come at a cost. There's a reason why some painters charge at the low end $500-600 perfect helmet and others charge $800-900. There's a visible quality difference.

The sticker shock for Fett is common. I also doubt if you paint your helmet and offering painting services that you'll charge "all time low prices".


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Now let’s say you paint it yourself That drops the cost dramatically and yeah this is having everything commissioned I was trying to get at buying someone’s that was finished and they were selling but yeah you can get around all those aspects you brought you just have to put the thought and effort into it now if I have to then I will and save me a ton of money I’m a lazy perfectionist lol maybe I’ll offer paint services at all time low prices
I sincerely hope your painting skills are better than your punctuation skills! If you want to be taken seriously, you really ought to take better care with how you showcase yourself through communication. Nobody is going to fork over 600-800 dollars to someone who seems semi-illiterate.


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If you're going to do cheap commissions more power to you, especially if your skills are that of superjedi and Fett 4 Real.

The reality is these helmets are hard to replicate and take time. If you're willing to make $8 an hour to paint these for say $320 for the paint up no one is going to stop you. Once you realize how much prep work, paints costs, tools needed, and patience you'll see why $500-900 isn't a crazy number.


Also you need to take into account that you are asking the cost of a "PERFECT" esb helmet. Not a good one, not a great one, you wanted to know PERFECT. By perfect you are asking for the cost of everything that rnbuda stated in post #5, that... is a "perfect" helmet. That's alot different than you saying:

".. I’ll do my helmet and if it meets my standards paint I will offer my services.."

That's saying you don't need absolute perfection, which is what you initially asked for a price on, you really would be happy with a decent paint job and standard helmet without all the bells and whistles, so sorry, you didn't really mean a PERFECT one.

Kinda insulting, flippant, and arrogant to come in here, ask everyone what a PERFECT (big difference from a good helmet) would cost, and then start tossing shade around that that's overpriced, and you'll do it cheaper yourself and offer your services... for non perfect helmet builds?

So much fail there.

But that's just me.


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I don't think it's insulting. I think everyone starting in the hobby is shocked by how much Boba Fett costs.

It's unreasonable to assume a $300 paint up will look like a $900 paint job. Buy one off etsy and see what's delivered.

Take a look at this helmet. It's not perfect yet but the paint up and cast are the most accurate you can get right now. It didn't come cheap but nor does the talent and skill it took to get there.




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This seems like a super unproductive thread.

If you have everything figured out already OP, then there's not really any need to ask anything here.
And everyone replying, it seems unlikely you're gonna change his mind at this point.


“..Lol your helmets must take me into a virtual reality where I actually am boba Fett lmao for 2000 you can get the whole cosplay I got prices from multiple sources such as wasted Fett lol you guys perfect and mine are in two different planets..”

Agree or not, that statement is throwing shade and a lil disrespectful to the 2 builders/painters that responded to you, calling their wares/services overpriced when you asked about a “perfect” helmets cost.

Wasn’t your intent, but that’s how it came across.


I agree. That’s the unfortunate byproduct of all of us communicating through text. Most of the time it’s impossible to tell when a string of text is being typed as a joke or a jibe. As read it came across as a dig, not a joke. Hence my “it wasn’t your intent.. but that’s how it came across.”

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