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Got my hands on a Don Post 95 Boba Fett Helmet for a budget build (starting small, as it's my first.)

Problem is, it's too small for my head. Has anyone ever enlarged a helmet before, and if so, how?

Thanks in advance.


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If you "enlarge" it you will distort it horribly most likely.

Get a larger helmet you will be happier in the long run.

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Yea i agree with Mullreel the Fett helmet design doesnt lend it self well to enlarge it easily. Im sure it can be done, but it would be WAY easier to just get a better larger helmet.


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Thanks guys. Two questions then...

1) Does anyone know a reputable, but affordable, helmet maker in the UK?
2) How much would this helmet (Don Post 93, White Vinyl, no box) be worth?

Again, thanks in advance.

Mike M.

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i am drawing a blank on UK and EU makers at the moment other than bobamaker and bobby fett UK. but shipping across the pond isn't too dangerous, i'd recommend either asok or animefan.

the don post 95 helmets typically go for between $50-100 USD depending on condition. they can go for a bit more if they're still in box, but you don't see those very often.


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Thanks for the help guys. A collector I knew from my days in the Navy got in touch, and clued me in. The helmet actually DOES fit, it's just down to my being an 'odd head' (elongated shape. size 58 by width, size 61 by length.) So he helped out with tips on heating, and after about half an hour, and the 'necessary evil' of veg oil on the temples...the helmet slid on like a glove, and fits BEAUTIFULLY once on, with plenty of space, and no squashed body parts (even wobbles a little). Thanks guys!

(Progress shot - about 40% of the way in...please be gentle :-D ) DSC_0156.JPG (Don't know why pic is on it's side)
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