does anyone see a difference


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the pics above r from my 96' dp i mail ordered from don post studios then. it came in a dp studios stamped cardboard cox filled w/ styro peanuts. i also remember the descrip when i ordered it said "cast from the same mold as the deluxe fibglass" that was $300. to me this bucket looks more flared at the sides, and has the squared cheeks like its suppose to. can neone tell me if they "see" these differences in mine VS a 95 or 97 dp bucket, ( ive never seen one besides pics here or on the net) or am i crazy??
I am not an expert on DP buckets but I do know there is a huge wealth of info on them in older threads on this board. You might benefit from using the search and checking out older threads.
im new here so i didnt realize most newbie q's are throughout the old threads. and ive found that im thinking of the 97 DP bukets that look way different. but thanks!, and anyone esle can disreguard this newbie post! juts gonna keep on reading on!!!!!!!:p
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