Does anyone know how I could get a hold of Katarra?


Jr Hunter
Over a year ago I paid Katarra for several items that I never recieved. I know she went under, but she promised she would fullfill my order. Even as recently as a few months ago she said my order would be done soon and she was getting ready to start on it. I finally asked for a refund and now I haven't heard from her.

Can anyone here help me out.
You can email or PM me if you want to.


You might want to post this on the RPF. There is always somebody over there that knows how to get ahold of her. Hope that helps.

Yes "leiasky" over at RPF lives in proximity,and has been in touch with Katarra for some members.I'm sure the order will come through,but the time will be taxing on patience :(

I've been trying to get a hold on Katarra, to see what's going on (speically to see how her gloves looks like compared to Slave1). Keep posting in this topic.
The gloves are no comparison to Slave1's.While they are made superbly,the accuracy is just not there.It was the only peice of my Fett soft part ensemble I replaced besides the cape.

The last time I heard from here she said it would be about two weeks. It's been two or three months since then. It was a pretty big order, basically alll the soft parts besides gloves.
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