Does anybody paint their own emblems?


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I was wondering if any of you have attempted painting the Bantha skull on the bell,or if EVERYONE uses decals.I plan on painting my own & was wondering if it was worth the effort.


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I painted mine, it gives it a certain "look" but I had to touch it up 2-3 times to get it to look right, but to save time, you could always get a decal, apply it, then paint over it to give it that hand made look.

Hand Schaub

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Paint it... you can always tell if something is a sticker and this particular design looks best as painted art. Now the chest emblem would look fine either way in my opinion.


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Does anyone have a movie accurate, correct scale pic we could print off to use as a template/reference? And what color should the ESB skull be?


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I painted my own emblems. I made a template from a pic posted here, cut it out and traced on painters tape that was on a transparency sheet. I cut it out with an exacto and peeled it off. I used a rust primer for the color.


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Yep....I painted my on my Boba 1.0 version.....the bantha skull turned out perfect....the chest one I was never really happy with. Boba 2.0 is pretty much done now.....but no chest emblem yet. I'm gunshy after the first one. I'll have to practice a bit and take my time.


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hey, i paint my own too....well, maybe i got a little chepo, and printed off a pic of the emblem, cut it out, and just spray painted it on...but, i DID do the pinstriping with a very fine brush tip, and some paint. :)

secol FETT

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i don use a decal, i just print the skull and the chest symbol on a regular paper and the paste on to the armor :D works very well
but the decal is your best choice