Blaster Disassembling a Hasbro EE-3 - Cutting Required?

Bob A Feet

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Hi everyone,

I apologize in advance if I'm posting this in the wrong place.

Can anyone point me towards a good tutorial on disassembling a Hasbro EE-3? I just picked one up and assumed it would just come apart in 2 halves, but apparently there are some portions that need to be cut?

This video mentions it in decent detail:

However, that's the only video I found that explicitly mentions it.


Bob A Feet

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Just a quick update for everyone.

I've been looking at the blaster for a couple days and I think there are 5 "cap" pieces that are glued on and holding the 2 halves together.

Like the video said, there's the orange tip on the blaster, the 2 ends of the scope, and the 2 areas where the stock clips into the pistol grip.

On mine, one of the caps on the pistol grip slid right off. There's glue residue, but something must've weakened it. I'm looking to see if I can remove these pieces without damaging or cutting anything. I'm hoping isopropyl alcohol does the trick, if not I'll try a small amount of heat.


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Thanks for the reply!

I'd like to open it up to make painting it easier and to keep overspray off the barrel light(s).
As a trooping piece are you aware that the blaster is way to small and would need a lot of work to make it to look the right size ?