Difference between ESB helmet and SE-ROTJ !?

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I've noticed that most people (including myself) are replicating the ESB helmet as it looked in ROTJ special edition rather then how it appeard in ESB. Can anybody point out exactly what the differences are.

Here's what I've notised.

1. The black rub marks on the forehead is not present during the filming of ESB.

2. The large silver scratch on the upper cheek is not present during ESB.

3. The large crack repair doesn't seem to be present during ESB.

4. The long "white chalk" scratches under the dome dent doesn't seem to be on the helmet during ESB.

5: odly enough the three "white paint blobs" are present during both films! My guess would have been that they were a result of bad handling during it's archive stay.

Is there something I've missed!? How about all those yellow stains that are all over the helmet as it appears today!? Where those present during the ESB shoot?

The next helmet that I paint will most likely replicate the look of the helmet during the ESB shoot.

Thanks in advance!:)

There are many subtle additional weathering marks to the ESB helmet. I believe those are the major and most notable differences. There is also the blue marker around the back that did not appear on film during ESB. Also, I do not believe the yellow stain was it on either.

I have to agree with you Steve, and say that 99.9% of the additional damage we see is due to poor handling.
I haven't seen any high res photos from the right side of the helmet from the ESB filming, so I'm curious about that too...
Well, since the "blob" is white paint and not reflecting silver it's much harder to pic up in low res pics. However, I went thru the little ref material that I have and I think you're right, it wasn't there during ESB.

Regarding the blue marker line, I'm not even sure it was present during ROTJ-SE. I don't know if this have been discused here before but I actually think it's "spill" from somebody trying to trace the helmets shape on a piece of paper. The line only appears on the bottom of the helmet so I think my theory is quite possible.

I highly doubt anyone will be able to get good enough caps that actually shows the finer details. But then again, you never know!:)

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