Did all Don Post Deluxe's come with Pre Made Scratches ?

Got Maul

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Quick question, quick answer needed. Did all DP Deluxes have the crappy prescratched surfaces in the detail ? OR were some smooth ?

All ones I have seen have had premade scratches.

Mine is a LE #75, and I have seen ones well into the hundreds with the premade scratches. I believe they all came with the scratches...but I can't be a hundred percent sure.
so I were converting a Jango, the best way to go is through a DP 95 or something like it ? Is 97 close enough ?

I have only seen recasts of DP deluxes, but is the helmet that much more bigger than the DP...I know its a stupid question, sorry.
I think the DP deluxe is big enough to make a proper difference. The DP deluxe would make a better Jango than ESB Fett (smaller helmet for the shorter Jango). But those scratches are a pain if you are going to go Jango.

Here is a pic of my deluxe next to a DP 95. You're going to have a heck of a time with a DP 97- train wreck. A 95 you could work with, although it maybe undersized-- though it won't look as undersized as an ESB converted helmet would.

Ya'll are going to laugh me out,but I'm going to convert my DP Deluxe recast into a Jango,......dent,and scratches complete.I'm going to weather the heck out of it too :evil

It'll definitely be different when I'm done since I've seen so many absolutely pristine Jango helemets.

Some of us need a smaller helmet, so it looks like we have a neck...

'96 is ok to use, too. It's about like a '95, but without the deeply recessed visor. I actually really like the '96 for the money. I threw my '97 away in disgust.
I Am doing the same,...for the past two nights I have been really sanding away at my DLX recast and the warps, bumps and scratches are driving me nuts ! Yet, for some reason, I am enjoying it...go figure..prop work = happiness :) I should put up some progress pics.

lisafett- howz the dog doing ? That poor thing was so cute , even when I was teasing her/him with my food !!! :)
Did the '96 helmets have premade scratches as well? Mine does, and I've been told mine may be some sort of rare variation.

LisaFett wrote:Some of us need a smaller helmet, so it looks like we have a neck...

Or shoulders. It's quite sad. But other than that (and the paint job and all), I love my 96, if only to lord it over Taffer that I have one. ;)
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