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HA!!! I was just watching AOTC and was paying VERY close atention and i INDEED see right b4 me that Jango does have his dent the whole time. battle with obiwan & all. sadly I have AOTC on VHS and cant take screanies. i can understand why it was so hard to se cause of the rain and its almost invisable, especialy when jango first swings around to see Obi. but trust me that dent is there. so that bumping his head theory is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!! (y) (y) (y) (y)

anyway the best place to see the dent during the battle is the seccond jango is crawling on the spire to fire his ricket. if oyu freez it right you can see it if you look hard enough
take that DVD!!!!
anyway ima look for some pics online to suport my insane claim! :)
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Yep I've noiticed that too. I also noticed the other night when it was on TV that Jango is missing his RF & Stalk when he's climbing back up to the platform. Maybe that is commonly known but I never paid close enough attention before.


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*gollum voice* SEE? SEE? HAHA! these are the only clear pics i could find. i wanna get that one with the dent b4 he even starts fighting obiwan mele style so i can rule that out out b4 you guys start saying thats what caused it ;)
and i dont wanna here anymore of this jango hit his helmet on slave1's door crap. makes it sound like mado armor is made of tin foil. :D




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i know this is off topic, but does anyone else notice when Jango is sliding done the side of the Kamino roof with Ben and Jango is slowing himself down with the wristblades. Well when they finally come to a holt its the opposite arm when he releases Ben, AAAswitcharoooo! :lol:
sorry, i always wonder if i was the only one that noticed it.


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i think he was almost fully stoped and had to take his arm with the blades off the roof so he could hit the release. hes only using his gaunt with the flame thrower for an extra grip as an extra

Gonzo Fett

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I am pretty sure in the shot when boba fett alerts jango to Obi wan that it isn't there.

Than I don't see him bump into anything to cause it but there it is like less than 15 seconds into the scene.


I dunno maybe we are seeing re-shoots with the dent. WHO KNOWS?

But glad to say watching that scene very carefully I had one of my other burning questions Jedis wear boxes or briefs? And you would think they would be WHITE....Obi-wans undies are turely darkside briefs :lol:



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OOO nice underwear!!!!!!!!,lol

Back to another question I had asked a week or so ago. Any one know why his RF goes backwards/ behind his head when he fires the missile?


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i think it sends a signal to the JP to fire it. atleast thats the only thing i can think of. or mabie the RF had obiwan locked and it sent the data to the rocket on where he was. i dunno
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I had noticed the RF not being there when he climbs back up.

I think it goes backwards when he fires the rocket because it has already sighted Obi-Wan and is getting out of the rockets way.

And BTW Gonzo, that underwear thing is just totally disturbing.



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ok i did this for you guys who dont have very sharp eyes. there are definetly not CG and i have circled the dents. here ya go.

and im glad you guys see it to cause i was feeling like i was seeing things for afew moments XD




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