dare i ask the dye question agian?!

never risk fett

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hey everyone, ok so i got a new light tan jumpsuit..how would i go abuot dying thatt the light ESB blue? please help.. also, how would i go about bleachin my browish vest a lighter ESB color? (what color is it anyway?)
thanks, i know u guys will come through!


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here we have a brand called "dylon", they fabricate both the dye for in the washing machine, aswell as the "pre-dye", wich is supposed to be used to bleach a bought shirt or whatever and then bleach it with that. It doesn't affect the cloth itself, so it just makes the colour go and doesn't harm the cloth piece.

maybe you have something simmilair... in shops that are a bit like chemists shops.. but with... candy... shampoo's... parfums... and... dye colours... ;P

anyways if that won;t work... spray cans can do a lot of good work and will get a nice spotted weathered and tatterd look!!


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Well dying the suit will depend on the fabric content.
It had best be a cotton with very little poly. The polyester will not take to dye as well as cotton.
But I dyed mine with a combo of sky blue and grey and hot, hot water on the stove top. It needs to be lightened a bit so I've had it out in the sun to sun bleach it and weather it, then I'll dirty it up.
Braks said it was pretty much right on with the color minus the things I'm doing above to it. So I suppose I'm on track.
The vest well same thing and I agree with Fettfullofdollars, it will get dirty and will look better. But you can try a bleach wash or color remover, I haven't tried spray paint but.... I have to washed mine to dye it. But this is also not my final vest this is my demo for trial and error.