Damaged jet pack appears in RotJ SE before skiff scene


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I was just watching RotJ Special Edition when I caught another spoof. In the scene where Bousch (sp?) says she wants "fifty-thousand, no less" for Chewbacca bounty, Jabba knocks C-3PO over. They then pan over to Fett who strokes Rystall's chin then walks away. If you slow-mo that scene, you will see that Boba's jet pack already has the damage than Han does to it on the skiff. If I had the software to do screen captures, I'd post it, but I'm sure somewhere else can do this for me.

Has anyone else ever noticed this?
Here's the real one.

Even funnier is the fact that the damaged jet pack can be seen in the ORIGINAL ROTJ, before the "Han incident," when Fett has his back to the camera firing his lasers.

A bad omen, indeed!
Absolutely! I'll do some capping tonight. :D

Edit:: Photos added

Sorry for the poor quality. There was a lot of motion in the scenes and/or darkness. Also, the source material is only so-so.


This scene is in the original version of Jedi, and it shows Fett getting up from the Skiff after our friend Nikto fired on the Skiff while Fett had Luke in his whipcord. The cap takes place just moments before Han sticks the vibro axe into Fett's back. Also of interesting note, the damage to the back is already there before Han hits him with the axe!


And here is the damaged pack making it's appearance in the SE Jedi on the SE Suit:

Man o' man you guys have sharp eye's. I had never even seen the damaged pack before I joined TDH and only actually saw that pic a while back and had never seen it in my many viewings of ROTJ. But now that I know where to look. ;)
do u think it was supposed to already be damaged? And that it why such a weak strike from the axe set it off?

Someone could show up with Sarlaac slime and a blasted tentacle wrapped around them. LOL!!!


Just when you thought this topic had covered everything it was set out to, I found yet another little nugget of interest in one of the pics.


Have you noticed it yet? The beacon isn't lit up. You can tell from the Archieve picture I posted earlier that the damaged jet pack has a solid beacon (not even painted around the middle), but it made me think that I don't recall ever seeing the beacon lit in RotJ. Now the jet pack used at MoM and AoSW has a hollowed top on it (unlike the damaged one), but I still don't recall ever seeing it lit up in the movie.
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