cutting out the key holes???


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hey, i got my helmet about 3-4 months ago. i need to cut the key holes out. i have cut the long peice out, but, how do i cut the little notch out at the top? i thought an exacto knife, but, it didn't work too well, or it might just have been me. can anyone help?
I had alot of trouble cutting out my keyholes too. finally, I got the smallest dremmel bit I could find. It is smaller than the head of a pin!!!! They are called metal etching bits, but I found that they work quite well for cutting those little suckers out. I got mine at a local Walmart. Also, if its possible, have a buddy help you by spraying the area you are cutting with an air nozzle/air compressor line as you cut. that way you can clearly see what you are doing. after that, you can further shape & straiten the holes with sanding sticks called "sanding twigs" I got some of these at hobby lobby in the modeling section. these things are tiny, but really sand well!!! worth the 99cents:) hope that helps
Jango's Kid - thats what I was going to say! :lol:
After the dremel I used ordinary emery boards my wife had lying around. Worked like a charm.
I am going to have to tackle this project fairly soon. Marrow_Sun suggested using a dremmel with a small bit to make several small holes and then widen the holes and shapen the area using hobby files. The hobby files are similar to an emery board but have different shapes for squaring out the corners. I picked up a set of Hobby Files from a local Hobby Shop and they were like $17.00 for an assortment of 12 different shapes.
thanks. okay, so, i just cut the key holes least, i tried to. well, some of the top notches are bigger than others. can i just start all over...and by that i mean, could i use some Bondo to fill all the holes in, and recut them out? what would you guys do?
I would think that you could use a little bondo to even them out a bit. Have not had to do that myself so I could be wrong, should work though.

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