Custom Mando dumb questions


Leave it up to a n00b to ask all the dumb, 'answered a million times over' questions.

I searched this site and will promise to keep the questions to the things I couldn't find.

Question 1:

Is there a definite pattern for the chest armor? Does it HAVE to be standard, or can you alter it a bit?

Question 2:

I read that the only items necessary are Helmet, gauntlets, chest - shoulder -cod piece - knee armor. Is there anything I missed?

That's it for now.



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it's a custom, so you can do ANYTHING to it, there is no standards on customs. your chest armor, and everything can be designed completely by you. The only thing I really see being needed to look mandalorian would be the T visor

mando ad

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All that you NEED to have is the T-visor to make sure everyone knows it's a mando'ad. Other than that you don't NEED anything. Just do what you think is the best, and if you like the resurt than it was worth doing.