Custom Mando Belt?

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I've been slowly building myself a set of custom Mando, taking tips from the various threads.

The only thing i'm stuck on that I can't find anything for is a belt.

Anyone got some creative ideas on what would look good with a set of custom Mando?
I bought a 10 pouch ammo belt at a military surplus store. Made out of black nylon. Looks pretty sharp.

Go look online at military surplus and tactical gear. You'll get some great ideas there.
For my custom (which is in the works right now), I was planing to get a web belt and pick up a few various sized ammo pouches from a local military surplus store, as well as a holster or two, then make a few thermal dets to attach on.

JoNich, I couldn't quite tell on your pics over at HVM, but did you happen to get your belt from here?:
Because a while ago I was rather interested in the olive drab version.
No, I actually got it at my local surplus store (brick and mortar)...but it does look similar to the M1 Garand Cartridge Belt on that black.


Here's a close-up pic of it:

Ah, well then, awesome find! I looked for one at my local surplus store (Military Surplus...what an original name) and all they had were somewhat similar individual pouches.
I don't know if I'm going to get an ammo belt or not, yet I had an idea instead of a girth belt, maybe I could use a chain belt.. to kind of give it the bad boy look
nevermind that, I'm just going for a regular girth belt. I looked at some hardware stores today and they didn't have what I had in mind. I also looked around google for it and it only had women's chain belts.
I was at a store the other day caght a glimpse of a leather cigeratte pouch. I am in the process of putting those together
depends on whether you want to do a girth or ammo or both... for the ammo any thing goes as long as it doesn't stand out on the custom. the belt should complement the whole costume, not distract from it. for my Mando I'm doing a black girth with a Jango/imperial belt (a Jango ammo/holster with an imperial-ish buckle).

good luck with whatever you choose to do, and post plenty of pics(y)
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