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Howdie all!

I am getting pretty close to completing my RoTJ Boba Fett build so I wanted to start a build thread which highlights what I have, what's been done, and show off some of the work and help I have received along the way by many talented people on this forum.

First off let me start with my Flight suit.

Flight Suit

I bought a Man of War Studios RoTJ flight suit. The flight suit is not screen accurate in the sense that it is a two piece suit and not one piece. However, it is extremely simple to get on, comfortable to wear, and can be adjusted easily to work with both RoTJ and ESB fett builds. I am quite happy with my flight suit as I am sure others are who have bought it as well.

20150220_222710.jpg 20150220_223008.jpg

The suits come from MOW pure white and need to be dyed then weathered. I commissioned 22split to dye and weather my soft parts which I think he did a great job. The weathering isn't extremely clear because of the lighting in the room.

Neck Seal

The neck seal I went with also came from Man of War Studios. I have a 16 inch neck and the deal I got for the neck seal and flak vest was pretty awesome. The neck seal looks great, my only beef is there is no snap/clasp to keep the neck closed. I plan to sew on some simple velcro straps on the inside which will be hidden and easy to remove when taking off the neck seal. Also pictured below is a square cloth that comes with the balaclava. It has two thin velcro straps sewn into the cloth for adhering to the bottom of your bucket forming a solid "seal" under the helmet. 22split did a great job weathering the neck seal for me.



The balaclava I am using came from Man of War Studios. It fits my noggin just fine. I have a typical baseball hat size 7 head for size comparison purposes. 22split did a great job weathering the balaclava for me.


Flak Vest

The flak vest I am using also came from Man of War Studios. The flak vest is not entirely screen accurate, as many of you know already the accurate method has a zipper in the back. However, as a man who has worn MANY real flak vests, they velcro from the side I am very happy with as it makes it easy to put the flak vest on and take it off. However, if you don't have any sewing skills I would not recommend buying this vest IF you plan to use a screen accurate jet pack harness (as I am). The reason is there are no slits in the back for your shoulder straps for attaching to the jet pack. In addition, you will need to have a hole cut for a battery compartment line lead for the Fett Electronics chest display light. 22split also weathered this for me quite nicely.


Pouches and Splats

I originally bought the pouches and splats from Man of War Studios for my flight suit. However, when 22split was dying the pouches/splats something horribly brown occurred so he generously offered me his Bobamaker ones instead and is in the process of ordering new ones (which he will weather for himself) from Arklady. As you can see he did a great job weathering the pouches/splats.



Believe it or not I did buy some parts of the costume from other people than just Man of War Studios. My gloves came directly from Saint Nasty, and I will say they feel awesome and look great. I highly recommend the gloves for people wanting to buy some as they fit nicely (I have medium to large hands which the gloves fit snugly with the stretchy fabric it uses.


Shin Tools

I bought off someone a great bobamaker made shin tool set. They look great and were weathered/painted by bobamaker himself.



Woodman provided a great cap to me already weathered. I highly recommend his products/services (even if he can be tough to reach at times). The folds are from how the cape was folded prior being taken out for photos.


Wookie Braids

Woodman does an amazing job with wookie braids. I highly recommend his horse hair ones which have real horsehair used.


Jet Pack Harness

I managed to snag one of only two Kcr7pr lightweight aluminum harnesses I have seen advertised over the past 4 months. It simply is amazing and worth every penny. I bought a replica divers belt buckle to go with the harness.

20150221_002222.jpg 20150221_002156.jpg

Jet Pack

Currently under construction by the master Fett Seven. I managed to order a premium beacon light kit from when it's done in March it should look amazing. I will post individual pics here when I get the jet pack.

Girth Belt

I got my girth belt from Woodman. Very nice quality but I will need to alter the straps since they are about two inches too short for me (I have a 36 inch waist). Luckily I do know how to sew so its not the end of the world.


Armor Pieces - Knees

I had 22split fix some horrible knees that were painted/made by a drunken sailor high on acid. The end result is simply amazing. I still need to put straps on the back and appropriately weather them..but here are the pics for now.

Before and After

before.JPG 20150220_224014.jpg

Armor Pieces - Chest

I bought someones old RKD Fett Armor set and as I look at the chest pieces I begin to become a little concerned on the paint job the previous owner made on the items. I am debating getting them repainted. I do have a Fett Electronics piece that came with the armor....but the previous owner has it set for incorrectly for RoTJ. I need to figure out how to switch the messages to RoTJ. The armor is RKD V2 in type.

20150220_230150 (1).jpg

Armor Pieces - Neck/Back

These pieces were part of the same used armor set I bought off of someone else. Its sturdey and works...but the previous owner had a fetish with using velcro everywhere. I like having it though on the shoulder area since it makes it easier to put the neck and back pieces together easy. I will probably switch to magnets as I am using everywhere else on the armor pieces. I will drill holes through the back armor top to put the studs on and attach the cap to it. I am waiting on the studs to get painted/finished by Sleepalot.


Armor Pieces - Groin / Kidney Plate

The previous owner of the armor used velcro to keep the armor in place on one side. The previous owner was also very very small. As such I can put the armor on...but severely adjusted the points on the armor going backwards. I am toying with the idea of running velcro straps to straddle both the groin and kidney plate to make it easy for quick release (think toilet but more urgent). It makes it a snap to put on as well. The velcro is hidden on the inside so people won't be able to see it when I wear the armor.


Armor Pieces - Shoulders

The used armor set's shoulders were simply horrible so I knew I would get them repainted. I opted to go away from the RKD V2 shoulders and bought cold-cast shoulders that seemed sturdier and would hold up better when trooping (the RKD ones were starting to split from wear/age). I sent the shoulders to 22split who did an amazing job on the paint up.



I ordered a helmet made and painted by Animefan. It's not done yet, but when completed I will post here. I ordered a servo kit from JC27 which Animefan is kindly installing for me in the Helmet. In addition I have an Evilboy cooling system I will put in place to help keep the head cool when trooping. The unit is pretty amazing and moves a ton of air. I will eventually include pics of everything installed in my helmet so people can get an idea of what can be done in the buckets.



I ordered and received an awesome guantlets from boba trooper (DC Props) from the UK. He did an amazing job painting and creating the guantlets. The guantlets have real metal darts, a working LED light on the left guantlet, and the right guantlet will control the helmet rangefinder stalk via remote action once I get my helmet from Animefan. There was a minor problem with the left guantlet which forced me to send the left guantlet back to him for some minor adjustment work. When I get the guantlet back in the next two weeks or so I will post pictures of both guantlets completed. I am a HUGE fan of using magnets to keep the guantlets closed. I bought some small rectangular rare earth magnets which have 5 lbs of pulling force glued along the guantlet edge (they were hinged on one side). This has made opening/closing the guantlets cake walk...with the magnets pulling the bottom portion of the guantlet closed and into its correct position with ease. The magnets I bought were only 2.75 mm it took very little room up on the inside of the guantlet.

Ammo Belt

I ordered a custom made ammo belt for me from Delta13Mike. It arrived and the pictures are shown below. The detail is amazing, my only point about the belt (which maybe .0003% of the population would ever notice) is that the stitching threads are too far apart and the back side stitching is not square at the end but angular. Frankly, noone would ever be able to tell the difference really. The pouches are fully functional and the belt has some improvements I like (velcro on back versus leather lacing is nice).

20150321_183346.jpg 20150321_183315.jpg


I bought Man of War Studios boots with toe spikes from Dakota. These were weathered by Sleepalot. They look amazing.I love the metal weathering...many forget that minor detail.

20150321_183015.jpg 20150321_182959.jpg
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Okay finally posted the rest of the pictures. Any advice/comments/criticism would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to do what I can to make it accurate.


Nice! I've got all my stuff laid out as well, but so far it's mostly just in a spreadsheet!

It's always cool to see other people progress in their gear.


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Okay, minor big update. I got my belt from Delta13Mike and it looks amazing the detail is nearly perfect, my only gripe is the backside end stiching (should be angled not square at corners (
for detailed pic of the real fett). Stitching should be a little closer too, but really only like 12 people on the planet would know the difference or even care. I think he did an amazing job and improved on some of the belt (pouches are more functional and the rivet rings in the back make the belt more durable versus simple holes). I also got my boots from Sleepalot and the job he did was AMAZING. I wanted to link the color studs he weathered but I cant link more than 24 images on this post (is there any way for a mod to change this?). Stay tuned...I should be getting my helmet and jet pack in the next month or so. I also will be getting the flak vest altered a little in about 2 weeks. Once the vest is altered I will start posting some images of me wearing stuff here.
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are you repainting the chest/ab armor? looking at the original paint job on the knees and the current pics of your chest/ab armor, the previous owner may have had an ESB set up which is very different from ROTJ. the different color of the original knees and the paint schemes on the armor plates are a dead giveaway.

Sent from my R2 unit

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Looking at that armor, and the old knee paint, which aside from over weathering a bit, looked pretty decent, Jdubs is correct. That is ESB style. Your build parts appear to be ROTJ, and your new shoulders are also ROTJ. The chest armor isnt horrible, its missing details, but it looks decent. Of course for ROTJ its wrong, but that can all be fixed :)


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Okay massive update.

I am submitting my photos to the 501st today. The photos are attached.

20150705_170922.jpg 20150705_170925.jpg 20150705_170929.jpg 20150705_171839.jpg 20150705_171846.jpg 20150705_171858.jpg 20150705_171911.jpg 20150705_171916.jpg 20150705_171921.jpg

Yes I amazingly forgot to put on my shin tools...I feel like such a tool (pun intended). Below are some additional pictures.

My finished gauntlets from Boba Maker.

20150705_142537.jpg 20150705_142524.jpg 20150705_142511.jpg 20150705_142554.jpg

The gauntlets do not have the alco plunger switch installed for tier 2 specs on the right gauntlet because I have the remote rangefinder control installed and need to know via touch if its activated/on for usage purposes. I do have the switches and might change to them...but want to troop like this first and see how it goes. Additionally I painted some of the darts red per Rafal's suggestion...I might take some steel wool to it and roughen them up a bit yet.

Armor piece Update.

Darth did a bang up job repainting my armor...couldn't be happier. here are some updated pictures of the armor (he even fixed some defects for me)

20150705_142502.jpg 20150705_142605.jpg 20150705_142456.jpg

Lastly the jet pack

Beacon light works fine but I don't have the pulse in it yet...



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Looks good man! That was fast! I don't see your thong though....
Still needs some weathering/ dirtying though. Boba was an ODB....


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Looks good man! That was fast! I don't see your thong though....
Still needs some weathering/ dirtying though. Boba was an ODB....

DOLP! I thought there wasn't one for RoTJ...dang it. That's pretty easy to fix. I know I need to weather the elastic straps on the knees...but everything else is already pretty weathered.


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I agree on the weathering. You need a lot more. I would also bring the two chest plates closer together a smidge.

Also, it looks to me like your jet pack is reeeeally low. I would bring it tighter to your back.


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Thanks for all the posts. I am going to work on weathering...but to be honest I think a lot was drowned out by the sunlight. One of the biggest issues I have that I have no clue how to fix involves my hoses on my gauntlet . They want to stay curved all the time and are entirely not flexible. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this. It's jerking my flight suit which you can see in the one rear photo of me.

- - - Updated - - -

Your Helmet is really nice! (y)

My helmet was disapproved :( GML said the ear colors wear not silver-metalic in color.

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your GML must be looking at the wrong version of the helmet, perhaps he's mistaken your ROTJ for SE. ask him if he would post the costume on the GML boards on the 501st. anyway, if your hoses aren't flexible enough you can heat them up in a hot car. put on the flightsuit top and the right gauntlet, attach the warm hoses and let them form to a more comfortable curve and cool.