Creating the Jumpsuit or Coveralls

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Originally posted by Skaught77: is selling a khaki short sleeve worksuit for just $9.99. That's dang cheap. It's khaki, so it will need to be dyed. I'm not sure how that will work out. Maybe some color remover first? I haven't mess with that.

But for the price, I ordered 2 pairs to give extra material for long sleeves, pockets, etc. $20 + $5 shipping. Can't beat that.



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Originally posted by Tyr Rykik:

I just ordered two pair myself. Both sizes (I got two different sizes so I could see which fit better) were on backorder. But the wait should be well worth it.
Have you recieved yours yet? When you do I'd be interested in how well they dye. Keep us informed.
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Making your Jumpsuit or Coveralls

Originally posted by imprissonedfett:

It is believed that the ROTJ jumpsuit a racing jumpsuit, right? Could the ESB be an old flight suit? I am doing the ROTJ version but I saw "Behind Enemy Lines" yesterday and the flight jumpsuits look like the ESB style. They have the shin pockets in the correct places as well as in size. The only descrepancy on this part was that it had velcro. The material even looked great. To me it looked like a perfect match with the ESB costume. I know no one knows for sure about the ESB costume because it is missing, but I just wanted to bring this up. Any comments?

Flight Suit dying

Originally posted by SSJFett:

Man..I got two pairs of Dickies khaki jumpsuits.... What the hell do you use to fade them?? I was planning on fading them, then using a little blue dye to get a grey color, but I can't fase the color on them. I have used 2 packs of color remover, and like washed them with a gallon of bleach. I need help guys.

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Originally posted by WebChief:

Damned suits! Mine's is the same way. Hopeless. Truly hopeless.

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<B>Merged:</B> Fett Flight Suit/Possible German Flight

Originally posted by TylerDurdenSoapMaker:

Well, I got to thinking about Fett's flight suit and how a variety of Star Wars items were military surplus, so I thought I would check out vintage flight suits. Now I'm not sure if it has already been established that the suit was custom sewn, but they may have gotten their pattern from a Luftwaffe German Flight suit.

Link here:

Sure there are problems with it, but the look is similar and most of the problem areas are either covered by the vest or the additional thigh pockets and shin tool pockets. I can't get a good feel for the material they are using for their suits, but I wonder if this is a step in the right direction, as German weapons, helmets, military surplus were used in creating various Star Wars props.

If we've already established it was custom built, ignore this post and call me a boob.

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<B>Merged:</B> Re: Fett Flight Suit/Possible German Fli

Originally posted by Braks Buddy:

No one has PROVEN it was custom made and your pics would tend to indicate that it may NOT have been custom! Those are strikingly similar in the general layout!!! Who knows but that is very interesting.

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<B>Merged:</B> Re: Fett Flight Suit/Possible German Fli

Originally posted by darthgoat:

they might make a good base for making your own undersuit. that grey looks dead on to me.

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I think I may have found a spot to get a jumpsuit. Lots of choices and 100% cotton for bleaching and dying.
The coveralls on this sight look like the right color.
What do think fellow Fett fans ?
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Originally posted by SSJFett:

I used Dickies Khaki coveralls for mine. Which work pretty good. I bought two, and used the extra material for long sleeves, and pockets. The problem lies in fading the color. The piece of crap wont change. But, after numorous bleachings, mine is starting to turn to the light side.


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Cheap Jumpsuit Alternative

Hello.. well I know the jumpsuit issue is alway a topic with some options of finding the right type of suit for it. Well Dixies are great... but I think I found something even closer to the real thing.. and for only 7 bucks at your local Home Depot.

These coveralls are from a company called Bennett.. I tried to find a site with a example of them... but couldn't. So I scanned in a sample of the white cloth coverall for you all to see the texture of it is like.

These coveralls come in M / L / XL and cost only 7 bucks (Canadian eh!)

They have elasticized Hood (which is easy to take off)
Elasticized Ankles and Wrists
Breast and Back Pocket (easy to take off)
Hidden Reinforced Zipper Closure
Strong Edgebound Stiching
& very lightweight and breathable.

I bought myself a few pairs since they are dirt cheap and I tested them with dying and they turn out just great!. Not to dark and not to light of a colour (depending on what colour you use)

So with that said I just thought I would let you all know about them.. just incase your trying to find the perfect jumpsuit, and don't want to fork out major cash for one.

I as of now have made some front pockets (with the extra pairs that I bought) and with barely any seams (except the pockets which can be removed) the suit is seamless. Also with the extra pair I have made the part of the jumpsuit that looks like short sleeves just over the long sleeves of the suit...

All this jumpsuit has cost me is just over $20,. not bad eh!

I'll be posting my finished Fett soon.. so you can see what they look like all weathered and suited up.
Upon careful inspection of the ref pics, I have come up with an idea that may or may not have been expressed yet. It has been generally accepted that there were two sets of sleeves used for the jumpsuit. After really looking at the close-ups, I am led to believe that there was only a long-sleeved version used. These long sleeves were only folded and stitched above the elbow area. See pic 230 (sorry, I don't know how to post here :(). Notice above the upper row of stitches, that there is a possible fold under the fabric (see the little raised ridge?). This being conducive to a fold and not a flat seam. There are other pics substantiating this, but this one is clear to me. ...Well, whaddaya think?
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Well number one there are so many different versions of everything who really knows but I actually think it was definitely 2 separate sleeves...
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Could be??? For the most part, most people buy a short sleeve and long sleeve pair of coveralls, just because it's easy to just slip the long sleeve through the short one. I don't know if we have gotten to that part yet? There seems like sooooo much more to scrutinize :lol:
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Yeah, it was probably just one long sleeve folded. It's a deep fold, though, to make the top part so much wider around than the bottom. If you look in pics with the hoses in place going through the upper sleeve, you can see it. You couldn't replicate that by buying a long sleeved jumpsuit and tucking it under. It has to be made from scratch.
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I agree that it is not 2 sleeves and it is simply a deep fold. This is the way I make mine. When cutting out the arm pattern, allow some extra length for that extra fold. Then fold the sleeve under (about 10" down from the shoulder seam)and stitch across 1 inch in. The upper sleeve will automatically look larger than the under sleeve because of little bit of taper from the shoulder to the wrist.

Don't forget to leave enough width too when cutting out the sleeve pattern to allow for the smaller folds vertically down the front and back of the sleeves. You will want to do this part first before doing the second sleeve detail or it will not look right. I'm going to try and post a tutorial on my website - - as soon as I get some time after the holidays. Hope this helps anyone who is making their own Jango suit.
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Would it be possible to use a long sleeve coverall, cut the long sleeve at the right level and sew the cut long sleeve piece inside the now shortsleeve coverall?(Does that make sense?) This would give it the look that there is two shirts on. Just a thought, what do you think bkbt.
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If you are using an existing coverall, that method sounds great to me! I would make sure that the sleeve you cut up is at least 3 inches longer than you would like it because you will need to cut the sleeve horizontally at the 10" mark and then fold under the top sleeve to allow an inch deep hem and also a bit for the seam allowance, pin the under sleeve to the underside of the top sleeve and voila! Sew them together 1 inch in. Does this make sense?

If you would also like those 2 vertical seams that are down the front and back of the sleeve, you will have to do those folds first and then sew up your second sleeve detail after that. Those folds are different, there is a definate fold and then a top stitch about 1/4" to the side of the fold to hold the fold down. It would be tricky though where the shoulder seam meets - no room for folding - this may be covered anyway with the vest? Let me know if you have other questions about it and I'd be happy to share.
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