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Hey everyone. I have a set of knee's from BM, and they are fiber glass. Well long story short, I cracked off the sides. I was wondering what you all thought the best way to repair them would be.

Thanks Alot,

I kinda had the same problem but i saw the crack in time. I've told BM about this and he said that he was going to reinforce the edges where my crack was. Guess you didn't get the up-dated version..?



But i would suggest first glueing them back together with some clear two-part epoxy glue. (i've put a layer on bothe sides to re-enforce mine) Once that's dried add some fibreglass to the back. (which i'll be doing later as well...)

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Well what I did was used some JB weld on it and I re enforced it with some similar putty stuff. once it dries I will sand it and re-paint it. Hopefully it will hold!!! if not then I will have to look into some new knee pieces, maybe some metal ones? i think those would be good if not that stuff then sintra and not FB
Fiberglass is a very good material, and very strong.....when done properly. The strength is in the fiber, NOT the resin that bonds it together. Too much resin (resin rich) will make a part very brittle.
though ABS or Sentra armor pieces won't fall appart with a crack, you can even wear them without anyone seeing there cracked, whereas FG will just... snap when put a even a litle force on a crack...

I trust the ABS a little more aswell... my jet pack fo instance, I've hit the sides of doors quite a few times with my thruster, I think theyd have fallen into several pieces should they have been made from FG or Resin...
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