cousin needs help with tooper armor

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i know this is off the fett subject, but my cousin has a trooper costume this is his second year to wear it and he is having trouble making the Velcro stick to the armor, it stays for a while the comes loose, the glue provided with the armor doesn't seem too hold,
I also recommend Industrial Strength Velcro with the sticky-back, found at Home Depot or Lowe's.

I tried taking that stuff OFF trooper armor before, and it took awhile.
I agree with the industrial strength Velcro. I replaced all the standard stuff with it and it works fantastic. It take a lot of muscle to take that stuff off. In fact I had black on originally and then I decided to use white. I had a vary hard time removing it. Its good stuff. It does come off in some places like the corners but if that happen I suggest using glue to tack it back down. Good luck.:D
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