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Hi, I am a new member. My name is Trent and I am a member of the 501st Legion. My number is TK-778. My wife is FINALLY getting into this and is really excited to piece together a Zam costume. We are in no hurry because making it is half the fun. I am doing lots of research on Zam's costume and wanted to know if someone here who has built a costume or knows a lot about it could give me a run down on all the different pieces so I know what all I need to make/buy. Also, I'm trying to find which pieces can be bought and which ones need to be made, also which people may have already made copies and can sell some of the more difficult pieces to make. Any links to really good reference pics would also be appreciated.
Thanks a Lot!

if you poke around this forum - you should be able to find most of your answers.

As for a list... hmm... ya just have to look at the pix :)
Welcome Trent. :)

Kim and I have posted alot of our progress and finished pics in various threads around here. We'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have about anything that we have done.

Most of everything we learned in building this costume came from the good folks here too! Lots of good resources.

Kim is a little more knowledgable about the costume than me. I just concentrated on the weapons :) she just started teaching this semester though, so give her a a few days to get back to you. She's pretty swamped.

Kimncris is right on the good resources being here. Everyone I have spoke with has been most helpful. I just recommedn you pick a part yu with to start on and ask questions as nessary or start makeing your parts. From what I know there are really few things you can right now get for Zam and all of it is really custom done.
Hey Trent, welcome to the boards. Poke around on here and you'll see Paul has a few things up you can get from him already made.
The broach and hte hose connectors. I've got the broach and will be ordering the hose connectors soon, but the broach is awesome!

Have fun with it!

~ Kat
I made a parts list, hope this helps some of ya'll. I think I only have 2 checked off :( I hope I can get it done for holloween.

Parts List:

Helmet – Armatures, Ear Covers, Binocs, leather bill, insignia on helmet and dome itself
Veil – red silky interior, lavender suede exterior
Hood- lavender suede
Broach - (with insignia
Gauntlets – 2 sets of finger guards, 2 cuffs (2nd cuff with leather like overlay)
Blaster – Metal upper, metal trigger, handle
Vest – Leather laces, 9 eyeholes (white seam)
Chestplate – Sintra?
Silver Hose connecter – cross like , 2 black hoses with 2-four pronged circular connectors
Belt – Leather cumberbunlike with 4 Ribs and 2 sets of 4 black metal hooks with leather l laces
Stomach Plate
Concave Metal waist attachment – includes 2 pear/moon shaped pieces
Gun holster – leather
5 metal Rock like ornaments – 3 on the belt, 1 double laced armband, 1leather leg belt
Leather Skirt – 132 square pieces?, Enough lace to tie the whole thing
Body suit – Laventder with 2 tails and extra seams (inner leg, etc) Neoprene?
2 shingaurds – with metal ankle covers
2 shoes – black or borwn soles and elather like trim, purple upper
2 metal toe guards – with toe spikes
That is a pretty complete list. I am working on a few things on it my self. right now I think I can say I really have gotten only 5 or 6 of the items checked and a few not complete.
Actually, I forgot to put the chain of beads on there

I got those- easy to find, Got a loooong string from christmas tree decorations
I have been stringing toughter my own beads out of Hemktye and Ithink I may start offering these to the Board as they are the closest damned thing I have foudn to what was used. BTW only down side is the length I am useing makes them weight about 2 to 5 lbs.
Sorry to tell you, but...the christmas beads for the tree I got from Ames (like a walmart) and they are only one silver metal shade lighter and they only cost $1.50 and very long. Mamy stores are getting their christmas stuff out now. I know I would rather not have to carry something heavy since the suit would be definately hot and sweaty as it is. Thanks for the offer on my part though.
No Offense Taken at all. I am a stickler for detail. Since my Zam is more than likely goign to spend all its time on a Maniqune much like DCB's I will be trying to be a prefectionist on the entire Zam. Now I may put it on for a Costume Contest for Dragon Con in the future, but the plans do not exist as I have a hard time seeing me a guy as Zam
Hermaphrodite Zam? Whoa! Ya know, the guy characters have most of the costumes...leave some for us girls! Heheh j/k. By the way, the vest still has to hold some mangos in the chest area. You have a long time to go for Dragon Con. That's cool. Where do you live, Maybe I can be a model for ya! well...I don't know if we can make it to the con. I am hoping to get most of the stuff done by holloween. I want to be as detailed as I can, but pratical, cause I would probably be wearing it often for the 501. Once I take some pics and put up a link of what I have, I would love some zam critiquing.
Ragresen wrote:I have been stringing toughter my own beads out of Hemktye and Ithink I may start offering these to the Board as they are the closest damned thing I have foudn to what was used.

I may be interested. See how how next January. :)
Thanks for the parts list zam i am... it's a nice help to those of us just getting started!

After helping/handling some 501st friends at SWC2 and D*C - I've caught the costuming bug. Since Zam is the only one that has ever really appealed to me (No - I will not do Slave Leia ;) ) I thought I might as well get started now and hopefully have something together by D*C next year.

Now... to continue perusing the boards for more hints and info! :D
The part list made me think of what Zam is wearing under all this stuff. Do you think it is a thong or granny pants....or maybe comando? :evil
At this Rate we may just have enough Zams present to Rival the boaba and Jangos running about. Who knows if all the People here show up at D*C then we may even be able to rival the scout troopers.
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