Converting the Rubies 2-piece Jango to ESB Boba: My take


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Just a thort ifg you are getting a reation with the paints , it could have to do with , using acrylic laqures over enamels,
It can also be caused by othere things like prep and not letting it set right but if you are using acrylics over enamls , make sure the enamel is cured totaly and for the first few coats of the colour do a real light dusting of paint from a further distance thatn usual, and repeat for at least 3 coats and never layer it on in one go , it taes paitence but its better then having to strip the whole thing this way the paint is almost dry when it lands and asftr a few coats the dusted on paint creats a solid layer for working with,
Also what paints and colours are u using

Mister Hyde

Active Hunter did an awesome job making the right ear piece into a 2-piece. Can't wait to see your paint job progress.
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Resurrecting from the dead, but just wondering if any more progress photos of this were around or what steps were taken next?