Consensus on Jodo\'s Belt?

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Consensus on Jodo's Belt?

As many of you are no doubt aware, the artist and color guy for Twin Engines of Destruction were both on crack at the time. The colors shift many times and some of the design particulars are varied. As such,Jodo Kast costumers have a fair amount of liberty when it comes to accuracy.

Here's the issue: I have 2 pics from TEOD of Jodo's belt. The rear pic shows much the same setup as Fett. 2 buckles and the "Wedgie o' Doom."

The front pic, on the other hand shows a flat belt over the cod piece. I'm guessing dark gray in color. Given this photo (there's not much else in the comic for belt reference) is it accurate to use a flat linen or canvas belt instead of the standard braided rope belt?


What sayest thou?
Well, I haven't decided on which way I'm gonna go. Due to the sheer amount of gray in Jodo's costume, I may go with a rust or maroon girth to add some color.
Another discrepancy is his chest logo. In some pics, it's red and in the one you have posted, it's blue. Again, I haven't decided which way to go on that either. If I go blue, people will know it's me, even with the helmet on since the other two Jodo's have it in red.
Since Jodo is a comic character and there really isn't a "canon" way of doing his suit, it's really up to you on how you want to go.

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Time to chime in here...


Because the artist who drew TEOD was definately on some sort of drugs, because there is no consistancy at ALL on the color scheme of his armor and or belts. That is why Jodo costumers have A LOT of leeway when it comes to doing the costume. Myself, I`m using this sole picture as the base for my costume:

and mine turned out like this:

The chest emblem, I went with the red version, seeing its the most common in most of the shots:

The ammo belt color I went with was dark grey:

and the girth belt I spray painted a dark brown:

What else? I`m still upgrading my costume. As for the jet pack, I went with the rocket top version:


I say go with whatever version you like the best. If you have any questions on how I did some of my stuff, shoot me a PM. I`d love to help.
And just to put this out there, the Jodo Kast reference CD is almost done!!
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Looks like you'll be the Kast to beat my friend.
Now, we want pics of the complete ensemble. :love
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Naaahhh...Not the one to beat, I`m just the one to bounce questions off of. As for pics of the complete ensamble, those will have to wait, I currently have some parts out being reworked and upgraded.

Pics will follow. I hope my pics help.
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