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By the ref pics it looks like black nylon webbing belt, but I have read that some think that may have just been in the exhibits and that leather was used in the movies.

So what's the general consensus everybody?

What do you use and what are your thoughts on leather versus web belt?

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Hey bro,

Well, I'm more partial to the movie version so i went with 2 leather straps. Personally, I don't see much of an issue with either...that said, guess it all boils down to your personal preferences, and how accurate you want to be...ESB, ROTJ, Pre Pro, MoM etc...

Hope this helps somehow...

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I also went to the leather belts after using the webbing. Major, major difference and it looks and weathers naturally. I recommend leather by far


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Well I won't really get the weathered naturally thing because I'm just doing a static display. I went ahead with nylon web belts. I guess I'm doing a "display correct" version :)


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Webbing all the way





Since we still see webbing in the MotM, and AOSW ref. pics, I would venture to guess that webbing was used for all of the Boba Fett costumes.
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