Confessions of an amatuer armorer

Jodo Kast 2749

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I just sold my first set of armor on Ebay. It was the same 18 gauge basic sheet metal set that I have offered in the Cargo Hold. It went for a whopping $36 US. wheeee...

This is more of an observation than a question but any insight or advice would be appreciated. I spent 4+ hours cutting, deburring and sanding the armor and went through about $10 CAN in cutting disks. The final product was truly something I could be proud of. However, if it was just $$$ that I was after, I could have bought a sheet of sintra and produced 4 sets for less money!?! with more boiling but less cutting work.

So, I guess the question is... what motivates people to make armor? Surely not the money since I made about $8/hr on mine. Are there such things as armor purists?

Tyler Durden

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Just throwing this out, but accuracy is something else to consider. The originals were not made of metal, and it could be a possible detraction point for some potential buyers.

Not that the originals were made of sintra, but people might be more comfortable with a lighter set of armor.


Well, if I want about $100 for something, I put a starting bid between $50-100, with a BIN of $150. I try not to let myself get screwed, after selling my Darth Maul for much less than I wanted.

As far as accuracy, I prefer plastic. Jango's armor flexed in a couple scenes, and I was always under the impression "plastisteel" was the rule of thumb in SW- from Troopers to Vader.

But metal IS more impressive.:D

Jodo Kast 2749

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Well, i take it all back. I made my first set of Sintra armor and it was freakin' eeeeesy!


Now the only question is, 1/8" or 1/4" sintra...hmmm...


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Make your starting price the lowest your willing to take.
Or the reserve.Say $50.00 Then if you want the buy it now.Say
$75.00 or $100.00 I have found that people really like the buy it now option.Not to many people want to watch an auction
till the end.Especially when they can use A buy it now.