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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Craftsmith, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Hi there new to the site, but a ling time lurker... some grest stuff on here.
    Im building a boba fett costume after finding a hasbro helmet in a second hand store....
    It was missing the range finder and has had to have a lot of work to make it look more accurate... still lots more to do, but im happy with the overall look after retooling.

    I darkened the visir using window tinting sheet, built a none working ranger finder. The cheeks were extended and tons of body filler was used to fill gaps etc.

    Im working on a full costume, but am going with a white mandelorian design with grey and silver accents, based on the orignal colours for boba fett in the orignal show case... Ive filled the dent as its not going to be boba fett.

    I purchased some second hand chest armour, but will be sanding and repainting before creating the flack jacket.

    Nearly ready for an undercoat on the helmet. 1528635579986950839840.jpg 20180512_153950.jpg 20180604_213405.jpg 20180604_214528.jpg 20180604_214830.jpg 20180604_220620.jpg 20180605_215719.jpg 20180606_210441.jpg 20180606_220127.jpg 20180609_204145.jpg 20180609_204150.jpg 20180609_205519.jpg 20180609_205526.jpg 20180609_205810.jpg

  2. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Undercoating completed, a few bits to tidy up before i fully paint it. 20180610_150530.jpg 20180610_152220.jpg 20180610_151016.jpg 20180610_150530.jpg
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  3. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Helmet all finished and mocked up a few extra sets of armour plates.






  4. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    Welcome to fett madness or the love thereof o_O
    I've worked for many months on an old Hasbro helmet that I found along the way and after so long wasting money on fillers for seams that are not right, and way too much frustration on a thing that is as I was first told and at that time and paid no attention to, through my own stubbornness, these helmets are no more than a child's toy and all wrong from the get go. I was warned about it from the beginning by helpful not judgmental members on this site. Its been a great practice thing to work on as then I progressed to a more authentic helmet after wasting so much money on paint and fillers for the dreaded re cracks of the centre seam !
    I wish you luck on your build and less of the madness that I succumbed to on the Hasbro bucket bug. o_O
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  5. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    Here is both helmets together !
  6. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Thanks for the feedback, honestly i took a different approach to the build to you and did not elongate the upper cheek section. I cut the upper section and closed the visor that way and virtually rebuilt the lower helmet. Even so, you did an awesome job on it.
    My mandalorian isnt built to join the mercs or any organisation at the minute, its just for a fun cosplay suit...
    Not sure if it would be accepted if i did anyway

    I bought it for £3 and had the filler, glues and paints in my kitbash supplies... all in all it cost nothing but time to modify.

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  7. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    bless ya
    Its all work in progress from both sides my friend, I found my Hasbro at a car boot and used it many years ago for a fancy dress outfit and then it was hidden away in the attic for years till I got bitten by the building bug !
    and spent ages on it ! but like I said all the best with your build which ever direction it takes you o_O
  8. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Just taken a look at your build page, looking good so far, have you started work on the jetpack yet? Just curious what materials you were think of using.
  9. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    Ha, not yet as I still need to work on other bits and to be honest the jet pack and the gauntlets have been haunting or daunting me for some time o_O As I have managed to gather the materials for the other bits from things I've found although I have not come across a 3D printer as of yet or a mould of any of these parts laying about haha, as there is way to much detail in the both of them for little old broken brained me to have a go at but you never know I may give them a bash;) !
  10. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    Have a go at posting a introduction of yourself on here and mention all the things you need help with and that way its like the Kevin Costner film, if you attempted to build it, help will come as there all a great bunch on here ! CANT REMMEMBER THEY BLOODY NAME OF THAT FILM HAHA !o_O
  11. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    Theres a youtuber who i watched that gave me the idea for the hasbro helmet mod.
    Shes also done a few other fett builds and the jetpack she made look easy.
    Not sure if its ok to post links here or not; but here you go

    Shes doing a holiday special fett, but her many videos on other subjects have great building tips too.
  12. Craftsmith

    Craftsmith New Member

    I just tend to do lots of research and then wing it... trial and error
    Lots of my projects have been scrapped over the years and completey restarted, its how we learn.
    This site has been a big inspiration to actually starting this project, ive read so many tutorials on here.

    Field of dreams!!!
  13. bobawomble

    bobawomble Jr Member

    Trial and error ! I love it even though its a great moto tell that to hedge hogs crossing the road haha and yep field of dreams that's the one cheers o_O

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