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:confused what color is boba's ESB chest plates. I was told they were spruce green long ago and had them dun up with som rustolium satin spruce green but there was just somthing I didnt like about it. I do have some model master RAF dark green that seems to have the right darkness about it.

well scence nobody posted anything I went ahead with the RAF Dark Green and let me tell you. It looks great. Ill post some pics this week end. the admins can close this thread now. Im done with it.
I'm going to have some pictures for you guy's this weekend. the RAF green looks very simmilar to the color or the armor in the carbon freezing chamber.
The only thing with using the Carbon chamber for reference is it's poor and indifferent lighting....I think the Bespin hallways are much better since they are of a white background with a front light source evident by the minor shadow on the floor behind him.

I personally used Panzer Olive green and gave it alot of weathering to get it to where I was completely satisfied. It came out great. I am confident that the Panzer green was used on all the ESB armor,jet pack and then weathered to varying degrees.

ok. I'm going to the Model shop this week. can anyone tell me the closest ( preferably Model Master) colors that are out there to the ESB colors. I would apreciate any help.
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ok here is my armor in RAF Dark Green

EDIT>>> Ok I fixed It. Srry about the Quality of the picture but it is exactly 69.991 KB and JUST FITS THE LIMITS

So... What do you guys think. Should I go With the Panzer Oliv Green?

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no offense,but that is a poor looks kinda brown to me. I'm kinda biased on the Panzer being used on everything on the ESB costume ie. gauntlets,chest,cod,butt,neck,back,jet pack and helmet with the proper weathering.

If you use your photo program to take a color sample of each peice where the green shade looks similar and keep doing cross comparisons the color bytes are identical. I used this method when trying to figure out what base to use. While this is certainly not concrete proof,it provided me with enough to make the commitment of Panzer green for a base and going from there. I love mine :D

ya like I said I had to mutilate this pic inorder for it to meet the standards of TDH hosting. I dont see any brown???? but if you would like a better pic to get a better Idea of the color than feel free to ask me. but AGIAN THIS PICTURE BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well I got som Panzer olive grun and compaired it dry along side the RAF dark green and there realy not that different. the RAF is more of a dark moldy color and the olive Grun is more of a dark Grass color but there realy not that different. ones just a little more green and glossy so instead of doing a new paint job now Ill wait till after DragonCon till I do a new paint job. The weathering just took so much time.
I've always thought the armor pieces were the same color as the back of the helmet. The just seem a half shade darker than the dome. I used Euro Dark Green for the back of my helmet and for the chest, back, ab and cod. It seems to look pretty good.
OK I got some WAY better Quality pics. here they are! Tell me what you guy's think. hopefully they will work

The first one is without flash and the seccond is with the flash. this is still the RAF color.


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