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Just a quick Q, what is the accurate size of the collar studs? i've just got my mlc armour (excellent BTW) but the studs look a bit small! they are probably accurate they may just seem small compared to my old set.
Is there a general consensus regarding bolt size :D



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Hi John,

I carefully cut mine off and sanded the stud areas smooth and used bondo.

But before cutting them off i drilled 1m pilot hole first, then cut the FG studs off.

The alu studds i got this time last year when i started my fett project.

The threads are about 3mm dia and drilled a 4m dia hole for the threads as this will help to get the collar on and off more easy when suiting up.

Ill do some blueprints and get russrep to get a quote for making them if you like.



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