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hey guys...i need some help. i just got my cape...its from a tent as suggested in some of the other links. anyway, the cape as many of you know is kinda heavy. and, my collar keeps wanting to be pulled to the side the cape is on. i was wondering how most of you kept the other side down. sorry if there is a link for this. i did a search, and didn't find anything like this. just need your help.
well, if none of you guys have had this problem, maybe my attaching meathods are off. i'm using velcro...what are most of you guys using?
I attached mine like in the movie, underneath the shoulder stud and above the collar armour, but haven't had any problem with mine sagging. I have my collar armour velcroed to my vest, which keeps it all nicely secured.
oh...okay...i found my problem....the velcro wasn't enough. i just have to add some here and there. also, does anyone have the pic/ pics of the attachment points from the actual costume? that would help me out a ton.
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